The Changing Seasons, January 2023

It hasn’t been a great month for photography. Without snow or flowers, this is as dull a time of year as the valley ever gets. I’m not sorry the snow has mostly been missing, except for little 2 inchers which melt before lunchtime. We have had flowers indoors — the ever-blooming anthurium and the green orchid. More are getting ready to flower, so I think we may start to see flowers emerge in late February and definitely by March.

The birds never leave. Some of them used to migrate but the weather has changed and many have foregone migration in favor of regular feedings.

Inside, we have one late blooming fat cactus bud, the ever-blooming anthurium, and four orchids with shoots and buds.

And then there were the popovers …

They popped.

And that is it for the month. There were more birds, more of the same orchid since it’s the only one blooming right now … and all the food I should have photographed but didn’t.

It has been very warm for this time of year. January normally is our coldest month, but it has been more like spring than mid winter. We are expecting one day (just one) of very cold weather this weekend. It is supposed to be about 8 degrees in the morning, but 40 by afternoon. That may be all the really cold weather we get this year. I hope summer is not super-heated!

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6 replies

  1. Even in a month where photography was sparing, you have captured such lovelies!
    And you popovers …. very nice! My last experience with popovers was dismal. They stuck so badly I spent a good number of hours trying to clean the pan.


  2. We can always rely on you for beautiful bird photos 😀


  3. I hope its true and there is only 1 cold day! Nice you’ve got some blooms indoors!



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