My doctor has a sense of humor. This seems to be a shockingly rare commodity in doctors. I’ve met lots of nurses who were funny — some downright hilarious — but very few doctors with anything like a sense of humor. But this doctor, our doctor, has a charmingly twisted sense of irony. He appreciates us. Because we can be funny too.

So there we were. Garry was there for his headaches and I was there because my knee is wobbly. I also needed to talk about medication because I’m taking some of it very differently than the way it was prescribed and he needed to know about it. I also wanted to know when he thought I would know more about my infusions.

We went through all our stuff. Finally, I asked the big question: “Why are my toes swollen? It’s not my feet. JUST my toes.”

He looked at me. Then, he said with dramatic flourish: “Because you are old.”

And I said: “Thank you. I needed that.”

We all started laughing. Because he pointed out he just never gets to SAY anything like that because no one takes it as humor — but he knew we would. There’s always an undercurrent as you age. Whenever the doctor points out something positive, there’s that pause … and then he says: “For your age.”

In this case, we skipped all that and went directly to “You are old.” So finally, I know why my toes are swollen.

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  1. You are lucky to have found a doctor like this. My husband has been very ill for the past month and spent 2 1/2 weeks in hospital. The doctors were singularly distant and unhelpful. I had to drag information out of them and it was very disillusioning and, frankly, upsetting and scary.


  2. I like a doctor who tells it like it is 😁


  3. good you both have a healthy sense of humor


  4. I get this now I’m approaching 80, but I want to know why it doesn’t seem to apply to all older people…


  5. Finally, a doctor with a sense of humor

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  6. My dermatologist tells me that most of the brown spots on my skin are “older and wiser spots!”

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    • Given one thing and another, anything that can take the edge off and make us smile or laugh is wonderful. It’s hard enough surviving age anyway, but if you can’t laugh? Without humor, it’s just tragic.


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