The late great Douglas Adams (who shared my birthday, March 11th — I’m sure that means something, but I have no idea what) created a character that I dearly love. Dirk Gently (also known by a number of other names, including Svlad Cjelli), was the owner/operator of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

It operated based on the “fundamental interconnectedness of all things.” I believe in Douglas Adams and Dirk Gently. We all operate, knowingly or not, on the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. More than half the posts I write — including this are born while commenting on someone else’s post.

We are intricately and intimately linked. I wonder if we take for granted how bound to others we are in this strange cyber world we have created. I have read and heard much talk about the isolation of each person, alone and lonely with their computer. It has been put out there as a metaphor for the estrangement of people from each other, the symbolic isolation of individuals in the technological world.

I don’t think that is at all true. Quite the opposite. Without electronic connections, I would be a squirrel up a tree without other squirrels to hang with.

For me and for many friends isolation would be life without the Internet. Without computers. Without cell phones. For anyone who suffers a chronic illness, for those of us getting on in years who can’t get out as much as we used to and for young people whose studies, work, happenstance or life choices have settled them long distances — continents and oceans — distant from old friends and family, electronic communications are a godsend.

If we cannot share a hug, we can share Facetime, Zooms and other visual connections. Electronic communications have become almost instant and let us share in ways that were science fiction a few years ago.

With all the problems electronic communications present, we are incredibly lucky to be living in a world that has virtual travel and allows everyone to participate in a larger world. It’s good to be part of a community of bloggers, a community of friends around the world.

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  1. Indeed it is! 🙂 I am so glad we have the internet! I know for me, it has opened up so much, and hugely improved my life!


  2. You can‘t know how much I agree with you. That‘s exactly what I tell ppl who only see the downside of it (or everything). I also have learned SO MUCH from the internet, some of my best ‚virtual‘ friends were found via blogs, photosites, links sent by somebody else and then became close buddies. It‘s just like everything else; use it wisely, know when to stop, where to rain yourself in or hold back, I am more than happy with all the possibilities and never regretted any of my chosen ‚tools‘ I now use. I can ‚WhatsApp‘ call friends all over the globe for free, I can exchange little films I make, pics, texts and stories….. but we in our age also see the lack of communication amongst the younger ones who truly isolate themselves by ONLY interacting via their smartphone.
    Friends with whom we went out for a lunch meal, came back to our place afterwards and they just left now (= we have been together for over 7 hours) – we are interconnected visually, but also by the strings of our hearts and brains, we could have chatted for another 7 hours …. And if something was left unsaid, we can phone each other.
    A great post! Must catch up with more of you. Sorry for missing out so much, it‘s not possible for me to visit more often – but think we wouldn‘t ‚know‘ each other w/o the internet and your blogging!


    • These tools we use — blogs and other social media — doesn’t have to be misused. It frequently is, but it can also help keep families and friends in touch. We can create podcasts across hundred or even thousands of miles. Our pictures don’t have to sit and wait for people to come around to show them off. There’s a lot of “downside” to see, but there are some good things in the mix. Some of them are what makes life livable!


  3. Yes indeed. I get to chat with my daughters a bit every day because of texting; otherwise, we’d be at that traditional once a week phone call, at best. People are busy!


    • I wish the social media platforms had set up sensible rules in the first place. The world would be much better if there was a semblance of control over social media. It’s a bit late now, but we don’t have to misuse it nor are we required to pay attention to the abusers. We have choices.

      I see half my doctors as tele-visits and unless it’s really a hands-on process, many things can be managed without schlepping through the cold and slush. I actually can’t imagine life without electronic connectivity.


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