Just to add to the confusion, we were planning to collect Garry’s repaired “other” hearing aid. He has been struggling with only one.

The company — the same one who supplied the original — sent back the wrong hearing aid. AND the one that went in for repair is obsolete, so unless they have another one in inventory — this is a small company so I don’t know if they have much inventory — they are going to have to fix this somehow. Hearing aids — the kind Garry has with one cochlear implant and a hearing aid in the other ear — have to be “matched” so they can communicate with each other. That’s why any other hearing aid can’t do the job. It has to be a hearing aid that matches his cochlear device.

Despite COVID and Trump and all the rest of the frenzy, we had — medically speaking — a pretty quiet few years. Now, everything is up in the air.

I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to afford my teeth, but I’m definitely not going with the toothless look. Two crowns for my front teeth are expensive. I get a small amount from Medicare. It’s double from last year, but not nearly enough. I’m also not sure how much of it they pay and how much of it is a co-pay.


Inflation has whacked everyone. I realize we are by no means alone in our mess.

There’s an expression everyone uses: “Misery loves company.” Not true. Unless you are complaining about relationships with someone in a similar — now or previous — situation, all it means is if everyone is miserable too, it will be harder to dig out of the mess and no one wants to hear about your woes when they have plenty of their own.

Misery does not love company. Misery loves ways to fix problems. Complaining is just like worrying: it solves nothing and eventually, everyone will avoid you.

I forgot to buy a lottery ticket. Again.

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  1. I am really grateful that I don’t have to pay for dental treatment here in UK…
    Sending all the luck in the world for your next lottery ticket…

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  2. Yup, winning a lottery would solve all your problems.

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