CBWC:  Carvings, sculptures and Statues, home court advantage in black & white

I have always looked for this kind of thing outside the house until it occurred to me, as I gazed at our mantelpiece, that I have a great deal of these items right here at home.

The bronze cowboy is an original bronze sculpture bought at a Martha’s Vineyard gallery more than 25 years ago. The gloves on the bar are “yours.”
Sui Dynasty musicians. These have been restored, so they are partly ancient — about 1500 years old — while the rest is a relatively recent restoration. A set of pure originals of these would be worth a lot more money
Two items: an older handmade Kachina (Sky Father) and a recent (only about 25 years old) dancing bronze Ganeesh
Vishnu riding Garuda – probably 16th century, but it’s difficult to date bronze. Probably Tibetan. One of the few “official” ancient pieces I have with official Chinese release material. This small bronze piece would have cost $60 without the official paperwork. It was $300 with the papers, and that was more than 20 years ago. That’s why so little of this kind of thing typically has no “official” paperwork.

I have a lot of these kinds of art here. Some are ancient, many others are quite old, and some are relatively recent. Most of my stuff does not have official papers marking its provenance. Mind you it tests out as old, but I can’t prove how it was obtained.

Provenance is a huge issue in the antique business and especially for Chinese antiques. The majority of them were smuggled out of China by refugees or worse, were looted from Tibetan temples. I don’t have any temple-quality material, but I have pots and small bronze Buddhas and a stone lion that is probably very old, but it’s hard to test stone for age.

If anyone collects this material or is a potter and would like to have some of this very early pottery, I’m not looking for money. I am just hoping to find someone willing to take these pieces in and protect them. I’ll even split the shipping costs with you!

Black & White

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  1. Beautiful photos for this week. Thanks Marilyn for playing along 😀


  2. wow! I don’t have any old statues or memorbelia! xo

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