Tom and Garry started talking about this years ago. Originally, the idea was for a book, but neither of them felt like sitting and writing all those pages — and besides. It’s really hard to get books published and distributed. Then about a year ago, Tom looked around his basement and realized he had better equipment for recording than he used to have when he originally started working at ABC network. And thus was born Tom’s podcast, “Get Off My Lawn.”

One day — about a month ago — he suggested he and Garry team up and tell “war stories” about their years in television. Tom and Garry have a lot to talk about. The two of them have close to 100 years in the news biz. I sometimes think between them, they met everyone who was anybody for about 50 years each. Maybe it just seems that way.

One complete episode of “War Stories” is officially ready to go. I have to decide if I should post this as Vimeo or YouTube. I might go with YouTube because I know it works.

The first trial run was a bit rough. The sound levels were off and Garry didn’t feel he was “on his game” yet. We did some chatting back and forth in email plus a few long telephone calls and six days later, Tom and Garry were ready to try again. Garry was much more “on his game” this time. I also did a lot of tactical and organizational stuff that made Garry more comfortable.

Little Theater – WVHC 1963 – And this is where it all started

I gave Garry my Mac. It’s a better machine than Garry’s laptop and has a far better camera. I moved it into the dining room so it would sit on a solid table. This also made easier to position Garry properly. I’ve had that Mac for a few years and I rarely use it. It’s a good machine and now, it’s finally doing a job. About time.

Tom Curley in performance

With the camera in the dining room, Garry is now in front of a north-facing window — the perfect light. We also have a big ring light set up just in case. Hopefully we won’t need it as the days are getting longer.

This is all tactical stuff, but I’m not involved in the actual podcast except as Garry’s production manager.

Studio A at WVHC – where it all began

I could probably post the first one pretty soon — like immediately — but I’d like to wait until there are a few more ready to go. If they produce a lot of them — and I hope they do — I might be able to put up more than one a week.

I wasn’t in the news business except when I was in college, yet it has been an important part of my life since 1964 when I discovered (entirely by accident) the college radio station, WVHC. That was where I met my first husband (Owen’s father) and Garry, who was Jeff’s best friend. Jeff Kraus ran the radio station so I’ve been the backstory for the news biz since I was 17 — with a 9 year intermission — the years I lived in Israel.

Garry at WVHC (1963) – SO young!

I meant to take picture while Garry was recording on Tuesday and then completely forgot. I have about 15 seconds of short term memory these days and forget everything immediately. Next time, I will take pictures.

Also, the next time we go down to visit Tom and Ellin, I really have to take some pictures! We get to talking and I forget I have a camera.

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21 replies

  1. I viewed the first episode today and just loved it!

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  2. I remember Gary from his years on the air in Boston.
    I’m sure they have some fascinating stories.

    I did college radio and interned at the local TV stations in Bangor, ME. But that’s as far as it went.

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    • It probably helped to be going to school in New York. Also, both Garry and Tom were starting out when they were expanding and you could actually still get someone on the phone. Getting hired hadn’t become the mechanical/electronic project it now is.


    • Omni, thanks. You must have a little silver in your hair if you remember me from those Boston TV years. Yes, we have some fascinating — FUNNY stories — that you will appreciate. I’d love to hear more about YOUR college radio days. I bet we have /share some very familiar tales.


      • Hi Gary, yes there is a bit of silver on my head!
        I was just finishing my weekly radio show when news about Challenger came across the AP teletype. It said there had been an explosion on board.
        I think I mentioned that before I signed off, but the Noon news was coming up so I may not have. I was probably thinking that a container holding an experiment had exploded like a frozen Coke bottle on board.
        I wish I had kept that slip of paper with the 50 word AP story.
        I also learned one of my life’s biggest lessons in the studio.
        I was sitting in the office doing homework and listening to the station. The Noon news announcer had just signed on and all of a sudden we had massive feed back. You know, that loud squealing sound.
        I rushed into the DJs booth to see what was going on and everyone was paralyzed.
        After dropping many F-bombs I got ahold of my self, took a breath and started to think.
        I told everyone to shut everything down, told the news announcer to come into the DJ booth to do her broadcast. When we turned everything back on again, everything was fine.
        That day I learned to take a breath and stay calm when all hell is breaking loose. Often it just takes a moment to collect your thoughts and figure out what is going on. It’s hard to do anything when you don’t know what’s going on.
        My college radio career was brief, but a lot of fun. I could name a tune in three notes back then! 😉


        • ______Omni, what a great share. Too bad you didn’t pursue a broadcasting career. I think you would have had an interesting career with as many triumphs as setbacks. They both come with the job. I’ll share more at another time. I’m just back from the dentist and have some stuff to catch up with. Have a great day and PLEASE stay in touch.


          Garry Armstrong kachingerosa@gmail.com kachingerosa@charter.net

          On Mon, Feb 20, 2023 at 3:09 PM SERENDIPITY: SEEKING INTELLIGENT LIFE

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  3. I’m really looking forward to them.

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  4. Oh this sounds so interesting. Although I have zero involvement on any TV journalism or/and your country’s history, I find it important and would applaud more general interest in all these experiences. We can only learn from those predecessors and if they were ‘good’ ppl, I’m always glad to profit from their wisdom.

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  5. sounds fab! I will enjoy the posts and listening to the podcast when it goes live! ❤

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