A Wild Aloha To You – Your Morning Dawdler

What is it about writing that you enjoy?

There are a lot of ways I could answer this, but the most honest response is I don’t really know. I like writing and I always have. As soon as I could form words and had a pencil and paper, I began writing and I never stopped.

Mostly, I guess, I enjoy that I can do it and I’m good at it. And for me, it’s the best kind of fun.

You have twenty minutes to take five practical everyday items from your house that will fit into a backpack that you will need to survive for two weeks in the wild – what do you take? 

First of all, I would NOT survive two weeks in the wild. Some part of my screwed up body would stop working from too much of this or too little of that.

1 – Carefully pack all my medications.

2 – A hairbrush and comb.

3 – A big pad of drawing paper plus a big set of art pencils and erasers.

4 – My camera with spare batteries, extra cards, and a few lenses — just in case.

5 – A big maglite with extra batteries.

Have you ever experienced road rage whilst driving in your car as a driver or passenger in someone else’s car?

Yes, but I never do anything about it. It’s the very slow drivers in our area. If the sign says 45, they drive 25. I don’t know if it’s because they are on the phone, yelling at their kids, or don’t care what else is going on, but they make me crazy.

Do you complain or keep quiet if you receive poor service when out and about and what is most likely to tick you off?

If it can be fixed, I ask them to fix it — like reheating cold food or cooking underdone food. When they seem to not recognize us and seat everyone before us, we assume they don’t like brown people. We complain, threaten retribution which we never employ, but threatening is satisfying by itself, and leave.

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10 replies

  1. Wonderful photos Marilyn 🙂

    What is the yellow and black bird?

    I do love your first answer – that is me l feel and a cracking survival list for two weeks 🙂


  2. Awesome answers Marilyn! 😦
    I like your list of items you’d take to survive in the wild!


    • I really doubt I’d survive. I’d meet one spider, have a massive coronary and they’d have to bury me wherever I fell. If Garry and I went together, he’d collapse meeting a garter snake, so we’d never make it home 😁


  3. Often the threat of lodging a complaint is enough to get results.


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