Share your World 15th February

I don’t usually miss the dates on these, but it has been a busy week — and it’s only Wednesday. Getting the podcast up and running has been producing a lot of extra little side jobs for me. I wanted to add a widget with a clickable list so people can find a podcast and just click to watch it. But WordPress has changed how you create widgets. It’s more sophisticated, but it’s also somewhat more complicated and I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted to do. I got close, but I couldn’t get the text and a graphic into the same box. It kept boxing off the graphic separately and I couldn’t figure out how to change it. Maybe you can’t change it, but at some point, I realized I was wasting the day, so I quit.

I wasn’t through with futility yet, so I spent what was left of the day trying to create a second email address which, as it turns out, is not as simple as it ought to be.

I spent hours trying, It turns out you can’t create a second gmail address and make it work in the same Chrome frame as your original address. You’d have to have a seperate account and open it separately, which defeats the point of getting another email address. I also couldn’t make the Outlook address work though it should have worked. I finally rebooted, signed back in and pretended everything was fine.

So, I put in most of the day trying to do what should have been easy and I couldn’t get it done. Maybe it’s because some things that I was able to do in Windows 10 I can’t seem to do in Windows 11. And maybe I’m losing my touch. One way or the other, I still don’t have a second email address — and I really need one, but there is a new widget for “War Stories.”

And now, the questions for the week:

Three of this week’s questions have been provided by Marla. Thank you Marla!

If you could rename yourself, what name would you choose and why?

When I was a girl, I wanted to be called “Deloris” because I thought it sounded romantic. My mother said “No.” After that, I suggested “Linda” because it meant pretty. Mom still said “No.” After a while, I gave up and realize I was stuck with Marilyn, a name I never related to and really, still don’t. I’ve accepted it, but I don’t have to like it.

If you were tasked with naming a new star, what would you name it and why?

Why get complicated? We can just name it “Duke.” We need a star with a good, basic dog name, don’t we?

If you were a story or comic book hero, what would your name be and why?

I wish I could answer this. But I actually don’t want to be a superhero or really, any kind of hero. I’m just glad to be me and alive — and enjoying life.

If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?

It would be our dog, the Duke of Uxbridge. He is already the rudest dog I’ve ever had. He doesn’t just beg. He barks, growls, pleads and whines. He give us all “the imploring dog eyes.”

He is relentless and determined. Far more determined that any of we humans. In the end, he always gets his way.

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9 replies

  1. I wouldn’t mind living on “Duke Prime”, sounds cool!


  2. I know what you mean about things being harder and more complicated. We found that out trying to open a savings account with the bank we’d been with for over 20 years!! Computers and I are not the best of chums, and although Hubby used to fix them, he admits he’s a dinosaur. We liked Windows 7 and XP.
    Thanks for joining in and sharing your world Marilyn. Oh yes, the doggy pleading looks. Maya has perfected them, and hangs her head without shifting her gaze. It makes you feel so damn guilty!!


    • They have us. Dogs KNOW people, they know how to get people to do what they want, Duke has gone from a relatively peaceful dog to a crazed creature whose entire goal in life is being petted — and ANY kind of food. The thing that’s so aggravating is he is a picky eater, so you give him what YOU are eating and he spurns it. Drops it on the floor — and then begs for me. He doesn’t like bread, plain eggs (with cheese it’s okay)(but not raw), potatoes, even fried potatoes any vegetable unless they are mixed with something else he likes. He’s got serious NERVE!

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  3. I liked your name Marilyn!


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