FOTD – February 16 – Cactus Blossom

And overnight, the fat bud became a flower. I took pictures of it yesterday and more today, but I haven’t quite gotten to downloading the pictures I took today because we did a podcast and I made one of those “easy” dinners that requires I spend the entire time it’s cooking stirring it lest the sauce separate. Which is will do in a matter of seconds if you don’t keep stirring it. It’s the combination of butter and sour cream. It just wants to separate.

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  1. That is pretty cool! I love a bit of colour in the garden as it makes for a peaceful place. An old army mate is going to bring me a tree onion on his next visit and looking at some photos I am keen to see it in my veggie patch.


    • In this case, it’s getting some color in the house since these are my “indoor” garden. Just as well since my outdoor garden isn’t showing any signs of life — which is strange because we should at least be seeing crocus by now AND the weather is unusually warm. I’m wondering if last year’s drought killed of everything, even the bulbs. Or maybe the critters were so hungry, they ate them all.


      • Do your crocus have that rather pungent perfume that smells awful? Yeah it’s a funny growing season this year and the birds have been terrible with eating seddlings as they emerge. I got a litle greehouse from Bunnings to germinate seeds in and that is working out a treat. Plus they come up so fast compared to direct sowing. My neighbour reckons he is going to build me a bit of a shadehouse for hardening them off and extending growing times during winter. Fingers crossed.


  2. Beautiful photos for the day 😀


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