CMMC – February Pick a Topic from my Photo

Living, as we do, in a river valley, we do not suffer from an absence of appropriate waterways. We have two close friends — and both of them also live in river valleys. Is this some kind of theme?

This wee, we are picking something from Cee’s photographs:

Cee’s February CMMC photograph
The river in Northfield, MN
Kayakers on the Blackstone
White water at the Roaring Dam
Wandering stream
At the Rhode Island segment of river

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6 replies

  1. I really enjoyed your post this week. My favorite is your last photo 😀 😀


  2. I love the photos. I live on the Ohio river, but here in town the photos aren’t as nice as seeing it from a kayak. We do have several barges going in both directions every day, and during the tourist season there are paddle wheel boats plying the waters, all filled with tourists who come ashore and take tour busses around the area. Some day I will try to board one of those busses just to see what natives never think of as worthy of touring. For now I’m just telling myself it wouldn’t be safe to try to go up the gangplank that is usually down and looks unguarded from my vantage point.


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