This morning was one of those bright cloudy days that so greatly improves picture taking. It was sunny in the morning. By the time I finished feeding my feathered friends, giving the Duke his morning snacks and making some coffee for me, the sun had gone away. It wasn’t raining, though. Just gray, but brightly.

The original Angry Bird

It was a good day for cardinals, house and goldfinches, lots of chickadees, nuthatches and tufted titmouses. I didn’t get pictures of everything. The chickadees kept landing on the back of the feeders where my camera can’t see and the tufted titmouses always seemed to be hiding their little tufted heads in a pile of birdseed.

It was a bit windy. It made a mess of the Cardinal’s crown. He had to fly home to comb it out.

Two finches: House Finch in front and a Goldfinch on a perch behind

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  1. Glad some of the birds made an appearance! xo


    • Oh, they show up every day, but sometimes they don’t stay in one place long enough for me to get a reasonable picture. Yesterday, some of them sat still for a while so I managed to get some nearly-sharp pictures.


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