Produced by the amazing Tom Curley, with Garry Armstrong, legendary news reporter. Behind the scenes, Marilyn Armstrong, as General Dogsbody & Serendipity Producer.

Would you believe I forgot to take pictures — again? I also forgot to turn off the chiming clocks so you can hear them in the background. I did remember to put the Duke outside. He was into a fit of insane barking. Luckily, I also remembered to plug in the Mac an hour and a half ahead of schedule. This was just as well because the battery was dead empty and the Mac was quite fervent about updating to its next operating system — Monterey.

I suppose given the things I could have forgotten — but didn’t — forgetting to take pictures was a small thing. As it was, we started recording late because it took almost two hours for the Mac to update.

Tom recording in his basement studio

So here we are again. Sunday, February 19, 2023. Time for Part 2 of what I hope will be many podcasts about the other stuff that happens in media. Events that aren’t part of the news and are only tangentially related to it. The funny parts, the perplexing parts. The enlightening moments and epiphanies.

This week, Tom and Garry talk about disasters. Not plane crashes or terrorism, but personal disasters that happen to the people whose job it is to get the news on the air. Many stories remain untold. They will come to you, I promise. One half-hour presentation after another.

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  1. Very enjoyable episode.


  2. cool Marilyn! I shall enjoy listening to this episode!

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