Early in the season, we have an invasion of many young Goldfinch. How do I know they are young? Because their markings are unfinished with incomplete masks and wing bars. Also, they aren’t adult dark yellow. You can see the beginning of the markings and some have patches of a darker yellow mixed with a nearly olive feathering.

While the Goldfinch were filling up the feeder, a Junco hopped along the rail.

A hopping Junco

The next picture is a very young Goldfinch. Notice that his mask is just beginning to show.

A very young Goldfinch

The Goldfinch will share a feeder with any other bird that isn’t trying to attack it or dominate the feeder.

European Sparrow (like those in Europe and England) and a Goldfinch

And all the while, the Cardinal was watching from his tree. Cardinals are also finches and it seemed like he was keeping an eye out for hawks and other airborne predators. I don’t know if it was true, but these are normally rather shy birds. He didn’t move the whole time.

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