I think it is falling from coast to coast. We were supposed to get rain, but weather forecasts are these days no better than “best guesses.”

It’s a slow, gentle falling of snow, but it is also bitterly cold, so whatever falls will stick. In this temperature, I don’t think we are going to get rain, but we might get ice. Let us hope not. Ice storms are the pits.

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  1. It fell all day yesterday and was quite pretty to watch. This morning, however, it will be work versus pretty to move it before the next arrival tomorrow. Winter in New England – what can a person expect. 🙂


    • I’m just hoping we won’t need a plow. The temperature is supposed to go up into the 50s by Wednesday or Thursday, so hopefully, it will take care of itself. We’ve been getting a lot of ice. I do not like ice. It is sometimes pretty, but it breaks the trees and makes our driveway a downhill skating rink!

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  2. Oooh, it sounds very cold, Marilyn. Stay warm and safe.


  3. It rained her for several hours yesterday. The first real rain we’ve had in weeks. I had to buy water the other day. The tanks were dry. This rain wouldn’t have filled them but it was still welcome. Hope we get some more.
    We were at Don River Railway today and noticed that in the nearby park the leaves were already turning yellow and falling.


    • That happened here last year. The dryness. We got just a tiny bit of rain right before everything turned brown and fell. We got a glorious autumn, but it was VERY short — less than a full week. Apparently (I looked it up) that’s what drought seems to do. Last spring into summer’s drought was the worst I’ve ever experienced in this country. There was NO rain for three months — the growing months and then just a dribble right before the leaves were dying — enough to give us a taste of autumn. We are getting all this rain now, but what’s going to happen as the world turns?

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  4. We’ve had two solid days of heavy rain, and it’s now showery. They say it should stop around 4am tomorrow — I wonder how they can time it that precisely, but they do a pretty good job! You’ve probably seen news photos of flooding and of snow on the mountains — it looks as if it will be beautiful if the sun comes out!


    • The weather is pretty strange. Snow from coast to coast? These once-in-a-lifetime weather events seem to be regular occurrences now. I’m sure it will be beautiful — some small compensation. But at least you’ve been getting water, so maybe you’ll survive the summer and be able to take a shower without fearing the worse.

      I’m not sure what’s going on outside now. It’s dark and we don’t have streetlights. I’m very afraid it is all turning to ice. Oh well. It is winter and it’s New England.

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      • I only remember one time, when I was about 8, when it actually snowed “at ground level.! Since then, I’ve seen it many times on the mountains, but not below the foothills. It is very strange to see it so low!


        • Weather has gotten very strange. I guess this is what climate change is all about, but it has been so warm all winter, it didn’t feel like winter. This is the first seriously cold weather we’ve had. We have always had a very unsettled weather pattern here anyway, so what was always hard to predict is now a great deal more difficult.


  5. So what are you doing in your snug and warm place of observation? Blogging, I guess, is obvious.


    • Cooking, testing out lights to see if they look good on Garry’s skin. Taking bird pictures. Taking pictures of the bugs that came mixed with the rice I ordered. Taking flower pictures — the buds on my orchid are getting fat and seem to be a deep violet. Setting up the new podcast with links and fixing the widget I’m using so people can find it . Oh, almost forgot: processing all the photos I took earlier in the day. I get really bored processing pictures. I’m doing less processing, but because I’m shooting through glass and today, snow, they aren’t clean photographs and they need a little effort to make them look sharper.

      AND playing bridge with WikiBridge which is a much better program than the last one I used. Not perfect. Playing against a computer means you can’t explain the bidding to your partner and sometimes, it gets pretty weird. We also watched “Peyton Place,” but the tape was used and it just stopped running right before the end. Not a problem. We’ve both seen it before and both read it before. It’s pretty funny that this was a really hot book in its day. I suppose in some places, it still is.

      I guess it isn’t snowing down you way, eh?


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