In this episode, Garry meets his hero, John Wayne and Lucille Ball. Tom tells the story of the lengths the “suits” will go to make sure that Dan Rather’s IFB would never accidentally get unplugged! Topic of the week? Suits. Do we get on the air because of them, or in spite of them?

I managed to get the clock chimes turned off and also banished The Duke of Uxbridge to the outer regions. It was still warm — which, I should add, it definitely isn’t today. It’s downright cold and it’s snowing.

I forgot, however, to turn on an extra light when the sky got darker with impending rain and snow, It meant that Garry got noticeably darker. No, this is NOT racist.

I seem to somehow have become “crew” for this show, which is pretty funny since I know almost nothing about video. I’m not learning much about video, but I’m learning about microphones and lighting. Necessity is an excellent teacher.

The real problem is that I can’t remember anything for more than 15 seconds. Sometimes, I forget what I am doing while I’m in the middle of doing it. There I am, staring at my computer, knowing I was planning to do something, but … what?

And yet the show went smoothly. Garry and Tom are mic eaters. And, by golly, they have stories to tell! Also, there were no loud gongs. No hysterical, frantic dogs. Next week? LIGHTING.

Now I should explain I have not one but two ring lights. Ring lights are not meant to be 3 feet away. They are supposed to be like a mic — right in front of you. The one currently attached is a very nice ring light (thank you, Tom!) and has several color variations — but there’s nowhere I can stand it where it will lighten Garry’s face in a good way. The stand, even at its lowest level, is too tall.

If I put it on the table, the only thing it will illuminate will be the top of Garry’s head. Which he would not appreciate. Garry is still in mourning for the hair he used to have and lighting his balding dome is a no-no.

I also have a standard studio light, but I’m not sure if it will be flattering. We’ll have to run a couple of tests. Tom can tell me how it looks from his end and we will decide.

Meanwhile, enjoy! I could be prejudiced, but I think the show is getting better with each episode.

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4 replies

  1. It’s great to listen to this exchange of memories.


  2. Yes, mourning for my curly black, then gray-black hair. Now, it’s a night on bald mountain.

    Woe is me.


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