It was a snowy day and I was cooking soup. Soup is easy, but it’s an all-day event. If you want it to be tasty, there are no shortcuts. You have to cook, taste, simmer, taste again. It was good, but it was a first try and I think it needs work. Too much kale and too few potatoes and other vegetables. I’ll get it right. But now immediately. I’m cooked out.

Meanwhile, the show was rolling. It was cold and snowy, so I could not banish The Duke of Uxbridge to the great outdoors. I’m expecting his barking to come through. But he didn’t get too crazy.

Hey, I think I got the lighting right this time AND the clocks weren’t chiming. Two out of three? Not bad!

Show number four will hit the ground running this coming Sunday, March 4th. Be there or be square!

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6 replies

  1. sounds like everything is rolling on and in a good way


  2. Awesome! I love soup! I am glad it was good even if you thought it could’ve been better! Looking forward to the upcoming show on Sunday! Xx


    • It was okay, but it needed less kale and more other stuff. And the kale gets soggy pretty fast, so I think there’s a timing issue — like you don’t put the kale into the soup until maybe 15 minutes before serving. It was okay, but not great. A lot of work for not a huge reward.


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