CFFC: Things and Places People Visit

Ireland and Maine, Tea Party and Baseball Museums and a cabin on Pleasant River Lake with no electricity and just a woodstove for heat. All places we have visited, though some are no longer possible. Time has changed many things including our world.

Sam Adams … in bronze, life-size – The mind behind the American Revolution.

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  1. I think that given their passion, I think they would be more than saddened. I think they would put their heads together and try to come up with some solutions. I bet we’d be hearing a lot from them. 🙂


  2. Those all sound like great places to visit, Marilyn. I visited the Boston Tea Party Museum, I think when I was in Boston preparing for a National Conference for Social Studies. It’s amazing the things that set us off. Our forefathers would be appalled at the amount of taxes we pay now – with sometimes poor representation. Of course we can vote, so that makes it all right.


    • Our world is SO not all right! But I don’t think they would be shocked. They were a pretty cynical lot and they had experienced a really corrupt king and courtiers. I think they would be saddened that we couldn’t hold on, but not surprised.


  3. I didn’t realize you visited Ireland! Awesome! Did you enjoy it here? xo


    • I loved it. Garry had loved it for a while. He had been there three or four times before we went together. We always wanted to go back, but something else always got in the way. But it was beautiful and the Irish are such lovely folks.


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