Last on the Card – February 2023

I might have some months old pictures on my Oly PEN F, but I haven’t used the camera recently, probably because I’ve been using my new camera. Just as I was thinking about going out, the weather went from spring to winter. It hasn’t lasted long and will very likely to warm up by the end of the week, but it short-circuited my photo excursion.

These photos were taken today, a day too late to fit into the February last photo post, but these are also un-processed and taken with the same OMD EM-10 Mark 4 camera and macro lens.

Better light makes sharper pictures. I keep learning the same lesson. You need light. Photography is, in the end, all about the light.

The OMD EM-1 Mark 2 is attached to my birding lens. I get comfortable using specific lenses on a particular camera and rarely change them. If you move the lens, you’ll get slightly different pictures. Not hugely different, but a bit. It’s the first time I’ve clearly seen a difference in the behavior of a familiar lens on different cameras.

Anyway. These two pictures are unaltered except for size. I resisted the urge to dehaze, denoise, brighten or sharpen them.

Olympus OMD EM-10 Mark 4 using a 60 mm f2.8 Olympus macro lens

Finally after three months in full bloom, the green-yellow orchid is ending its bloom. Overnight the blossoms became paperlike. look like paper. Now it will sleep for a while and the new orchid is full of fat buds. One sleeps, another awakes.

I also took pictures of birds in the snow yesterday. I didn’t take a lot of pictures. It was too hazy and too dark to get sharp pictures.

A young Goldfinch with snow falling. Taken February 28th, around 4 pm. Using the Olympus OMD EM-1 Mark 2 using a f4 100-300mm Panasonic (Leica) lens

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5 replies

  1. That red blossom is wonderfully crisp 🙂


  2. Thanks for just posting the photos. You can always do your re-imaging.
    I reckon they are quite good and quite appropriate for Last Photos 🙂 🙂


    • With a little help from auto focus and in the right light, most of my pictures are pretty good and don’t need a lot of fixing. But I also shoot when the light isn’t good and hope I can fix them later. You can’t wait for perfect light or you won’t be getting many photographs. I suppose that’s why we invented studios and lighting.

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