The Changing Seasons, February 2023

What a strange month it has been! With temperatures zipping down to below zero then, in a matter of hours topping 60 degrees (15.5 C), it made each day a bit of an adventure. We had snow of 1 to 2 inches every night, yet it was spring by lunchtime, then flipping around to become cold with sleet at night.

Note that all the photos are set up in galleries. If you click on any photo, it will expand and you can scroll through the set.

My Christmas cactus decided it must be time for merriment and has been flowering brightly. In the end, you have to go with the flow. If it wants to flower, I welcome it any time of the year.

From budding to full blooming, the cactus won the “most colorful winter flower,” though the anthurium and the rapidly growing orchid was not far behind.

We had plentiful birds including an entire flock of young Goldfinch, a few of them very young. I believe they were born in nearby trees out back.

And, of course, I must not forget the Media War Stories podcast, produced in Connecticut and in what used to be our dining room. It never gets used for dining because it is packed with equipment. It’s got the Mac laptop, the mic with headphones, lights and huge electrical cords everywhere. Please watch your feet!

Also, this is where I keep my photo equipment. Bags full of cameras, lenses, tripods and all the other stuff that goes with taking pictures.

This is where my indoor garden grows. It’s the home of big and small chiming clocks, dolls, antique Chinese pottery and a fair bit of art. It’s not a huge room, either. Not going to invite large crowds for dinner anytime soon.

If you haven’t managed to take a look, Tom and Garry have recorded three podcasts about the golden olden days of media. They’re recording another tomorrow. If you are using something bigger than a telephone — an iPad or a laptop, for example — you can choose any episode by clicking on its link in the right sidebar on Serendipity. In case you care to look, here’s the most recent one.

Tom and Garry are having a lot of fun. I’m learning a lot of stuff too, even though I’m definitely the dogsbody of the group. I do setup. Tom and Garry do the rest. So why do I suddenly feel so very busy?

That is it for this smaller than a breadbox month. There are a lot more pictures most of which are waiting for me to do something with them. I think I’ve stretched your patience to its limit, so I’ll quit while I’m ahead. I should mention that if this month hasn’t demonstrated what climate change means, you are in denial.I should add that this is one case where denial won’t help you deal with the consequences.

We are having a snowstorm tomorrow. It’s gigantic, stretching from California to New England and including a parts of Canada. Yet, no matter how much snow falls tomorrow — they are predicting a fair amount but how much it will turn out to be is anybody’s guess — it will be up in the 60s F (16 C) within hours after the snow abates. Unless, of course, they are completely wrong — which they very well could be.

Crazy weather, crazy times in a mad, mad world.

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  1. Goodness! the weather sounds as crazy for you as it is for me; just as I reported sunny days were back, we’ve had a few days of non-stop rain. Your plants & critters must be so confused with the sudden dips & peaks in temperatures – your Christmas cactus does bloom beautifully: out of season? Will it affect it’s future blooming cycles?

    What fun! to produce a podcast right in your home! I don’t wonder that it is keeping you very busy!


    • The birds must have thought it was spring. Lots of baby birds getting their first meals at our feeders. There are a LOT of birds nesting in our back hedge and the woods beyond. I am sure this weather has wrecked their breeding schedules — without bringing back the food they would normally eat. If I didn’t feed them, I don’t know what they would eat. It’s beginning to warm up (again). Will this be the official warm-up? Now is actually the right time for it, but nothing about the weather is normal this year.

      It really SNOWED in California. Those are not people who own snow shovels or plows and many people don’t even have central heat. It’s a HUGE mess, so however confusing and messy it is here, it is much worse there.


  2. stay safe in that snowstorm Marilyn! Its only about 4 c here right now. Wish it was warmer!


  3. I’ve yet to watch 2nd and third episodes.


    • They aren’t going away, so really, you can watch them anytime. That’s why I’m listing them (linked) in the right sidebar. It makes them easy to find. It makes it easier for ME to find, too.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I know and I’ve saved the posts. I like to be current but a few busy weeks with family have put me behind. Thanks for doing a marvelous job.


        • Today they taped two more episodes. I think we might actually have some “tape” for one of the things about which they talked. I have to send the tape to Tom overnight. I discovered my old DVD player won’t play on Win 11 — or at least I don’t have a program that will read the files and I’m not spending a lot of money on video software. But I hope the material is there.

          It was a good taping. And since it was snowing all day, it was a perfect day for recording.

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