Thursday Inspiration #199

I had been planning to join this challenge, but it has been slipping by me. This is the first time I found the challenge before it was too old to use. I hope I’ve done it well.

I originally thought this would be an opportunity to use some of my many pictures of birds, but this song got stuck in my head.

This was performed by Alison Krauss on the soundtrack of the movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.” I have DVDs of the movie and the concert where the music was performed and recorded. The music is wonderful and remarkably, so are the performances. If you’ve never seen it, it’s very good. Also, it’s funny.

I love many hymns, but “I’ll Fly Away” remains an all-time favorite. I love church music. It’s what happens when you are a music major. So much of Western music originated as church music. You can’t avoid it. I grew to love it.

It worried my mother. I don’t know why. Just because her daughter walked around the house singing the Catholic Mass in Latin?

Well, maybe I’ll post a few birds…

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16 replies

  1. Great movie with an even better soundtrack!


  2. I, too, loved the movie and the music. Great choice for Jim’s Thursday Inspiration prompt.

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    • I really enjoyed putting it together. It takes me a long time to assemble prompts like this. I can’t seem to just “write something.” I get into finding the right pictures, the right song — the right VERSION of the song — and THEN the writing. Then the editing and finally, trying to find all the typos. It’s probably why I’m writing so much less. It just takes a long time and I keep getting more and more fussy about it.


  3. I enjoyed your music and your pictures of the birds Marilyn. I also like church music and some of the songs that I enjoy listening to are Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, The Byrds ‘Turn Turn Turn’, The Beach Boys ‘God Only Knows’, and The Grateful Dead ‘Ripple’, but I never sang any of these in church.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard this sung in church either. I think it’s a bit too difficult for our super white congregation. I have heard it sung as the theme to a show that was titled “I’ll Fly Away” which starred Sam Waterston and was about dealing with racism in the south in the late 1950s. It was a great show that never caught on. It was on NBC from 1991-1993, then on PBS for another season and they also made it into a movie (which I’ve never seen). The show is not available to buy OR stream which is odd because EVERYTHING is available, but not this.

      Sam moved on to Law & Order where to this very day, he remains. BUT he was a lawyer in that show, too. By now he must feel as if he attended law school.

      I’ve also heard the song sung by any number of singer, though I think Alison Krauss is my favorite. It has beautiful lyrics and a beautiful melody.

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  4. Wonderful shots of birds in flight!


  5. I, too, loved the movie and the music. Great choice for Jim’s Thursday Inspiration prompt.


  6. What a beautiful drawing of the bird in flight


  7. nice choice of song Marilyn!
    Have to say I did not know it before hearing it! Xx


    • It has been the theme song for at least two TV shows, though none recently. That’s where I first heard it and was surprised it was a hymn. It doesn’t sound like a hymn. It has that winning combination for me – lovely lyrics set to a beautiful melody.


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