Share Your World – 7th March

This week’s questions:

Does your spouse/partner (or do you) help with the household chores?

Yes. These days, he does. It took him a long time to come around, but I supposed retirement left him without an excuses. He tries hard. Considering he’s approaching his 81st birthday, making change is not easy, but he’s doing it.

What is your least favourite chore?

1 – Ironing
2 – Cleaning drains.

As a kid, did you have to do chores to earn your pocket money/allowance?

I had to do chores, but we didn’t get paid. My mother felt that kids should pitch in because it was their home too. While I understand where she was coming from, it meant we never had any money and had to ask anytime we wanted to do anything. I think we would have understood money and how to manage it better is we’d felt we were earning it.

But I also understand. She came from a very big, very poor family. Everyone pitched in. Even when they went to work — which they did early (my mother started working at 14) — part of their paycheck automatically went to help the family. The idea of paying kids to do ordinary tasks was very foreign to her.

Did you save any of your pocket money or spend it all?

I never had any pocket money.


I’m grateful because the crocus are up. This year, they are all purple. What’s interesting and maybe funny is they aren’t in the same garden bed where they’ve always grown, but down on the ground in front of the garden wall. I have no idea how they got there. I’m just glad they are there. I was beginning to lose hope.

A note on getting another pet.

We’ve never been without pets. We’ve had cats, cats and dogs, many dogs and now just one dog. But we are old. Duke is seven this year and I hope he has many more years ahead of him. These days, it’s less a matter of our wanting another pet as being painfully aware that if — when — we pass away, we can’t leave animals to the care of others. There’s no one I can trust to be there, no matter what they say. So probably, the Duke will be our last dog. I can’t imagine not having a dog or cat, but life is finite. Not only for pets, but for their owners too.

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4 replies

  1. Hi Marilyn, your answers are very insightful into your family life. I don’t recall having pocket money either. I worked from the age of 15 and earned my own money. Part time work, as I did finish school and go to college.


  2. Thanks for joining in Marilyn. I know what you mean about pets. Our friend is 85 and lost Kela in January. She has always had a dog and is finding the house very quiet without one, but won’t get another because of her age. She loves Maya and Maya loves her too, and she has offered to have her should we need it which has been a godsend. When we go pass the lane that leads up to her house, Maya always looks, and if we are actually going up the lane, we let her off and she goes racing towards her gate. She is also very good for our friend and they are always so pleased to see each other.


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