Last year, this bloomed as a white flower with a purple center. These buds definitely look like the original purple — the original color of this orchid. This orchid is probably my next-to-oldest orchid. Garry bought it for me on my birthday in March of 2018. It has bloomed every year. It takes about 9 or 10 months to come back from when it goes to sleep until it starts making new buds. Because this was repotted last year, it took close to a year, but apparently giving it fresh soil and some appropriate fertilizer gave it back its color.

Just about ready to blossom — and there are many more buds.

Just a note: Between taking these pictures — yesterday afternoon — and this morning, this bud bloomed. I have pictures, so tomorrow. It isn’t purple. More like violet with lavender undertones. Lovely!

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  1. How beautiful, Marilyn! And exciting! Your capture is perfect.


  2. Hi Marilyn, you definitely have green fingers. My mom also has a collection of orchid plants.


    • If you’ve got dappled sunlight and a cool room, they are VERY easy to grow. Give them some orchid fertilizer every couple of weeks (or months, depending on whatever the package tells you) (but only when they are actively growing and blooming). The rest of the year, water lightly and do NOT fertilize them. Even then, not much water — like a big orchid needs maybe half a cup of water once a week when it’s blooming, every other week when it’s resting. Basically, leave them alone and they will bloom.

      It can be difficult to leave them alone. We think we ought to DO something, but for orchids (and cactus), restraint is the magic word 😀 It’s really even easier than it sounds.

      The weird thing is when you read directions for growing them, they make it sound so complicated. It’s not. The secret is that there isn’t any secret. Put them in a pot (use orchid soil — one small bag will last for years) with drainage, water only when dead dry, and enjoy. They bloom for months, too, which makes them very satisfying.

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  3. Orchids are beautiful flowers. Glad yours are still blooming every year!


    • I lost a couple, but that was because they were potted really poorly and I didn’t want to repot them until they stopped blooming by which time, it was too late. This time, I repotted them while they were flowering and they threw up new branches and bloomed even more. You have to love a plant that requires so little attention and looks lovely for months at a time.


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