FOTD – March 10 – Bud to blossom: 12 hours in the life of an orchid

Yesterday, it was a fat bud and when I got up this morning, it was a flower. As I guessed, it was purple. Well, not quite purple. More like violet with a hint of lavender and a red and white center. The last time it bloomed, it had white petals and a deep purple center. It reversed its colors.

Hard to believe what nature can do in one night, isn’t it?

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7 replies

  1. Look how beautiful those are!
    Unfortunately another snow storm is blowing in here today.
    I don’t think it will be as bad as what’s going on in California and Arizona though. How could it be?!!
    All in all, hasn’t been a bad Winter here though.
    How has it been down your way?


  2. I see you haven’t lost your green thumb for orchids.


    • They are probably the easiest flower to grow as long as you keep your hands OFF the watering can 🙂 The instruction I’ve read online make it sound so complicated, but it really isn’t. There are more “don’ts” than “dos” in growing them. Mainly, leave them alone, water ONLY when dry, fertilize occasionally and then, only while they are growing.

      The only ticklish part is having the right light. They can’t tolerate full sun. They need some sun, but some shade. I bet they’d be a lot easier to grow outside than inside. Of course that’s not possible up here, but you could probably grow them.


  3. Yes! Nature is astounding! ❤


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