A welcome to all of you as I officially enter my 76th year. How time has flown! I swear that just yesterday I was young and sprightly … or maybe that was a few more years ago. It certainly doesn’t feel like FIFTY years ago!


And now, the three questions du jour:

Have you ever watched a long-running televised series from start to finish, and once you have reached the end, you wanted to watch it again or is once enough for you and time for a new long-running series?

I think I get into “too many to list” territory here. West Wing, Star Trek: Next Generation, Midsomer Murders, NCIS — and that’s without even thinking about it. There are many more. West Wing is the show we watch when we need to remember when we had a “real” govenment and half the population hadn’t gone batty over cabals and even weirder stuff.

Do you think traditions are essential to society – if so, why and if not, why not?

Some are, some not so much. I think you can really only make sense of traditions in context of their origins and what populations they affect. I would have liked to hang onto a few more of my own, but it got to be too much like work. Sometimes traditions require a community. When you are no longer part of that community, the traditions slip away and become pleasant memories.

What would be easier to throw away deep love or deeply lined rich pockets – flipside – can money buy love?

You can’t buy HUMAN love, though you can certainly buy sex. But if you spend the money to buy a puppy or rescue a pet, you can get endless love, free and unconditional.

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  1. I’m a little late to the party Marilyn but I hope you had a great birthday.


  2. Great answers all Marilyn, it’s funny we have a saying in a fish and chip shop over here in Sandwich which reads “Money can’t buy you love or happiness, BUT it can buy you fish and chips which is way better!!”

    But yes animals are always able to award more love which is unconditional.

    Interesting photograph, was it a deliberate move to hide half of your face with hair, did you enjoy having your photo taken?

    I agree also on the tradition side, some are good and others not so much.


    • It was the photographer’s idea. He thought the brown of my shirt and my hair were such a close match, it was funny. It didn’t turn out to be funny and it’s one of my favorite pictures — and one of the few from that period of time.

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  3. Happy birthday! Yesterday (3/10) was my Mom’s birthday – she is 11 years older than you. Good point about “money can’t buy you love” – no, but it can buy a puppy, which is the same thing…


  4. Happy birthday and you’re still much the same , only better because you’ve lived


  5. Happy Birthday!


  6. So true about pets 😻


  7. A lovely picture of a youthful you. These questions are very good. I call myself a traditional Christian. I am not a church goer but we do practice our traditions like Christmas Day and a celebration on Easter Sunday.


  8. You’ve not changed a bit Marilyn! Well, apart from the hair color…


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