FOTD – March 12 – White and purple orchids

I have to admit, I didn’t spend much of the day blogging. It was my birthday. I took the day off, slept late, didn’t cook dinner — and then we went out for sushi. It was Owen’s gift. Instead of taking us out, he gave us the money and said it was about time we went out together. I almost forgot how nice it is to just go out, the two of us. The food was — as usual — excellent.

I ate too much, which I should not have but there was all that shrimp and it was delicious. Even with Garry’s assistance, I couldn’t finish half of it and we brought home a good deal of Garry’s sashimi. Which I ate a bit later. I think maybe that was a mistake.

Earlier in the day, I took some macro photos of the newest orchids, both the white and the purples.

I think Episode 5 of Media War Stories will run a bit late tomorrow too because Tom and Ellin were also busy all day. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging — and sometimes, it’s because the day was too good to spend it on the computer.

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7 replies

  1. Beautiful orchid images. 😊👏🏽


  2. Happy Birthday. I love sushi too. I came to enjoy it later in life, after fifty, and I am going to attempt to make up for lost time.


  3. Orchids are so intricate! Happy birthday!


  4. Happy Birthday 🎉 Beautiful macros 😃


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