Spam Comment of the Week — Week 10 2023

I have two for you this week. One is the usual nonsensical jumble of “huh” words:

Attractive ection off content. I just stubled uon your wdblog annd in accesseion capital too assert that I acqujre actually enjoged account you blpog posts. Anway I’ll bbe subscribing too your feeds annd evern I achievement yoou access comsistently quickly.

Then there’s another one — a really dangerous one because it almost sounds like someone knew what he/she/they were saying:

We are a group of highly qualified ethical hackers who scan tens of thousands of sites every day for critical vulnerabilities and patch them for a small fee.

On your site – we have discovered 5 critical vulnerabilities, each of which can give attackers full access to your site, databases and the server as a whole.

Pay $3000 (0.15 BTC) by visiting this site where you will be able to copy our bitcoin (btc) address or scan the QR code with your device  And after payment within 12 hours we will fix all the vulnerabilities on your site and you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the safety of your site and server.

If we are hired by well-known corporations, then we charge from $50000 for our services, so you are lucky that we offer you the same service for $3000 (0.15 BTC)

The second one is scary. Is there someone who would actually pay that kind of money to an unknown group of alleged hackers? I hope not!

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12 replies

  1. The only spam I got this week is totally unrepeatable without the use of lots of ****** 🙄


  2. the first one is the typical nonsensical wobbly spam and the second is a very common scam. ignore both


  3. I think that, if the group of “ethical hackers” (an oxymoron) has discovered vulnerabilities in that can give “unethical hackers” access to “your site, databases and the server as a whole,” they should be reaching out to WordPress, not to you as an individual blogger because as the host, WordPress owns the actual site, including the database and servers. So don’t go writing any checks, Marilyn. I think you’re okay.

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  4. Well executed. 😂😂 They can’t spell either 😂😂


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