So here we are down with Tom and Ellin. They’ve never had COVID. Neither have we. But Owen tested positive yesterday.

We are staying with Tom and Ellin and are leaving today, but I tested negative. My doctor said it was likely we did not have it and anyway, I’m in great shape and he didn’t end the statement with “for your age.” So I am not supposed to worry. If I test positive in another five days (or as long as two weeks), don’t hesitate to call for special “STOP COVID” medications.

I hade no idea what to do, but Ellin went out to buy tests in case we did have it but have no symptoms. Garry and Tom were downstairs taping the next couple of Media War Stories episodes and there was NO way we were going to interrupt them.

It turns out taping the two of them in the studio together was significantly harder than doing it remotely. In any case, incubation takes anywhere from five to 14 days, so the odds are we will all test negative today.

I made dinner last night not imagining I might be typhoid Marilyn. I certainly hope I’m not. I haven’t had much close contact with Owen during the past few days, so it’s also possible I (and we) won’t get it. I was just saying this morning that all the people who didn’t get COVID before seem to be getting it now. A moment of completely unexpected self-revelation?

All these pictures in this post were taken with my phone. I remembered my camera, extra batteries, extra CD cards, additional lenses of various lengths. What I didn’t remember was the little widget that lets me read the CD card. ALL computers used to have that slot and I don’t know why they removed it. I’m sure they could fit it in, but none of my last three PCs computers had the slot. The Mac has one, but it’s at home, connected to Garry’s microphone, headphones and is setup to get the right light when Tom and Garry are recording.

Realizing I wasn’t going to be able to download any of the pictures I was taking with my camera, I used my phone. It’s an iPhone 11 and I keep being told the pictures are GREAT, but I don’t agree. They are great if you make them very small, but they are very flat and rather poster-like. But, at least I could email the pictures to my computer. Photoshop doesn’t like cell phone pictures. Adobe thinks the quality is too low. I agree, but sometimes, you go with the flow.

I went with the flow. It was just one of those times.

The quality isn’t great, but at least I have pictures. It was just one silly little widget. Less than an ounce of plastic enclosing a hint of electronics. Another “go figure” moment for me. On every trip — anywhere — I forget something. Usually it’s something small — like a hairbrush. Which is why I have so many cheap brushes I will never use. Maybe I should take one of them and leave it permanently in my travel bag.

This week’s episode of Media War Stories will be #6. I think the one they taped yesterday will become #7.

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  1. I hope you both stay Covid free.


  2. As far as I know I have never had it. My daughter has had it four times! My older son and his family have all just had it and did feel ‘rough’. It hasn’t gone away and it is taking a toll on working life, but vaccinations do seem to be keeping people from serious results. I don’t think many people here are testing now, only those who have to for work or are protecting vulnerable family. Hope your time away hasn’t been too spoiled.


    • My son still works out with the people coming and going. He’s fully vaccinated too, but it has been six months, so it probably has worn off. A lot of young people have had is a handful of times. It didn’t spoil our time because we have no symptoms — and wouldn’t for another 5 days. Or more. And this is spilt milk. All that’s left to do is mop it up.

      Garry and I would probably never have caught it, but we don’t go anywhere much. Owen is in the line of fire, so to speak. I suppose, considering is becoming another case of flu we were bound to catch it eventually. You can’t hide from the world permanently.

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  3. I hope you won’t get it. I think that everyone does in the end though. We avoided it all the way through 2020, 2021 and most of last year until Naomi got it on her trip overseas, well we think she either got it in Sydney or while lined up to leave the ship which was unavoidable close contact. Of course she gave it to me even though we are not very “huggy” with each other. Luckily it was not too bad, like a bad cold. We were vaccinated and boosted.
    I can see the difference in your photos. Not terrible but they look different from the usual quality. Naomi loves taking photos with her android phone but she only had cheap point and shoot cameras before. I think her pictures are good but although I’d like a lighter camera for travel I’m not sure about using a phone for everything mostly because I don’t like the way my current (cheap) phone feels in my hands. I’m used to having something with a grip and a proper shutter button. I don’t really like touch screens. But if I want to have something I can easily send to my computer without a lot of bulk I may have to at least partly go down that road. But not with the current phone.


    • There are some pretty high quality point and shoot cameras out there. Canon used to make some really great ones, but you’d have to read reviews. I’ve gotten my best deals on Amazon in recent years. Camera stores do a better job packing, but the manufacturer’s packing is always excellent. It’s so ironic. I have at least three small light good quality cameras I would be happy to give you. I’m going to check out shipping costs. If you would privately send me your physical address, I’ll see what it would cost for shipping. If it’s not too extreme, I have the perfect camera for you. Light, portable, high quality AND with interchangeable lenses — all \tiny. It’s a Pentax — a miniature camera. Takes a regular CD card, too. I’ve got ALL the lenses for it and I have the camera in two colors.

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  4. Crossing fingers you and Garry don’t test positive! 💗


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