FOTD – March 18 – Orchids

We were away for a few days and there are more orchids — and more on the way. Also, my Christmas Cactus is now covered with buds. It’s going to be a major blooming, probably at the beginning of April. Or who knows? I keep thinking I know something about plants and blooming, but my flowers seem to be making their own rules.

Otherwise, we are waiting to find out if we have COVID. It will take another few days — though it could take longer. There is nothing we can do about it except wait and hope we don’t get it.

I suspect in the end, everyone will catch it. It has devolved from the killer it was to a mild case of the flu. With the right medications, more like a bad cold. Owen is recovering fast. The hardest part is convincing him to NOT go back to work. I keep pointing out — I promise to NOT evict him. I can’t promise much, but that much, I can.

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  1. I hope you don’t get covid, Marilyn. It’s bloody awful!


  2. I will keep you guys in my thoughts, and be hoping for the best with the test. The flowers are beautiful by the way, and your choice of angles is great here, they are very unique and highlight the beauty of the flowers, while being unique in and of themselves due to choice of angles.


    • Thank you for noticing. I used to be able to move the plants more, but they are so loaded with flowers — and so BIG — I have to be very careful even watering them lest I break a branch. Orchids are very easy to grow, but they break. Those tall branches will snap, probably because they are woody and don’t bend.

      I think you are the very first person that every noticed the angles! THANK YOU.


      • You are very welcome, they are the most interesting angles I have ever seen with orchid photography! I know the struggle, I used to take photos myself, nothing near yours though. They are great, I am working on getting a new camera and fine tuning my skill once I do, I am new to it.


        • It comes back and it’s so much easier now with auto-focus. I resisted auto focus until I got old enough that my eyes just refuse to adjust to distance changes. If I can see the screen, I can’t see anything further than a few feet away. If I am wearing my “distance” glasses, I can’t see the screen on the camera. I gave up and was very surprised to discover how good the whole iAuto functions are on most cameras. It leaves me free to work on framing and processing and less involved in trying to figure out if I’m in or slightly out of focus! You’ll be FINE. And even the MOST expensive cameras have an iAuto function — even professional quality cameras.

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          • Thank you for the advice. I have OCD and was wondering about exactly what you just mentioned, what has been lost/not lost with auto focus. I am not skilled enough for people to be able to tell a difference yet, and end up making things harder for myself sometimes doing things the hard way, so I really appreciate your input. Thank you.


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