Back in the 1970s, some clown decided that men were overdressed and need stretchy, comfortable clothing. And thus they invented the polyester leisure suit and to his immense embarrassment, Garry had one. I never saw it, but I know he bought it because he said so and why would any man lie about a thing like that? He wore it to work, but I never saw it. Maybe that’s just a well.

Leisure suits came in slightly stretchy polyester (throw in the wash, hang it and wear it) fabric. Light blue was very popular and some were truly indescribable.

I owned some clothing that was more than a little embarrassing, but I can honestly say I didn’t buy it. My mother made it for me. It was exceptionally well-made clothing, elegant clothing, but when I wore it I looked like I came from another planet. It didn’t improve my fragile popularity in high school, though it gained a certain something by the time I got into college.

I was never a big fan of polyester and I don’t wear suits, leisure or otherwise. My favorite leisure wear is a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt in winter or a t-shirt in summer. Besides, yoga pants and a tee or sweatshirt are almost immune to dog hair. In my world, that matters!

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  1. There’s a fashion fad I’m glad was before my time. I did have the misfortune of growing up in the last hurrah of the days of short shorts for boys, which is probably the reason I’ve had a lifelong hatred of wearing anything but long pants….


  2. Long time, no see!

    The fact was that despite all the perfection she shared on social media, her life was actually more of a mess than most

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    • My life is messy, but I don’t think it’s messier than anyone else’s. My health has been the issue and I went through a bunch of years where it was one calamity after another. FINALLY, the crises seem to have run their course and for the past three (four?)(who can remember?) years I haven’t needed surgery and haven’t been near death even once. Unless we pick up COVID (my son has it and he lives here, so…), I’m hoping I stay reasonably healthy for a while.

      Life has actually gotten better in the past few years. Amazing, isn’t it? Who’d have thunk it!


  3. oh, do I remember these well


  4. I do remember those, and Safari suits, they became all the rage around that time. I remember my friend’s husband wearing one when they got married. To be fair it was an outdoor wedding and a very hot day. A former South Australian Premier was very fond of them and wore a pink one into parliament which caused a stir. Still, wearing a shirt and tie when it’s 37 degrees Celsius is over rated.
    I used to wear a certain amount of polyester clothing. I remember having a sundress that actually faded when I wore it to an outdoor concert on a hot day.
    These days I try to avoid man made fibres as much as I can for environmental reasons even though it is cheaper than cotton , wool or the new favourite, bamboo.


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