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Would I prefer a nice, orderly life? Yes. Do I have one? Well, sort of. Sometimes. When life cooperates. But that’s the key. It’s like the concept of control. We think we are in control as long as things are working out the way we want them to work out. When life goes awry?

We instantly feel out of control and that is because we are out of control. We were out of control before we knew it. Until we hit the bumps and rocks and ditches, we could fool ourselve into believing we were controlling life.

Are you a person who likes their life to be orderly with set routines and schedules or is that not an essential for you to worry about?

I have all my payments for various loans and credit very tidy. It’s all automated by the bank. I have to do is check to make sure the payment is the same or less than the previous month, but otherwise it rolls along all neat and tidy.

The rest of life is disorderly. It’s not necessarily how I want it, but that’s just the way it goes. You can organize the hell out of your life, but life has to cooperate. It rarely does. Mostly, “life” laughs at my plans, looks at me and says, “Here, hold my beer …” and goes off on its own tangent.

So much for organization.

Are you a natural people watcher and if so what do you enjoy about the experience?

I watch, but not everyone is particularly interesting. I also listen, but it really helps if the person talking has something worth listening to.

Do you think your online persona is very different from the one at home or are you exactly the same as you display yourself to your readers?

No one is “exactly the same” on social media as they are at home. I’m not even sure it’s possible and it’s certainly highy unlikely. Just the process of writing about your life changes it.

You can be pretty similar to your presentation, but exactly the same? Impossible. Do we even know ourselves well enough to make that kind of presentation? I don’t know anyone that well and certainly not myself.

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  1. Good answers Marilyn, and l agree with your last response, well and the second oh hell and the first hahaha all of them actually!

    People know me differently online to how they perceive me to be offline and there are those that actually know me truly and they aren’t online. Online we are more calculated whilst offline we are more human.


    • There is no spontenaity online. There is often more elegant speech and better reasoned arguments, but there’s none of that lively give-and-take that makes “real friends” so interesting and surprising.


  2. Terrific pictures, Marilyn. Your comments about our on-line and off-line personas spot on. When we write, people often don’t read with sufficient detail to appreciate the subtle meanings anyway.


  3. The illusion of control is just that. I agree with your last response Marilyn. I hope you’re feeling better 😍


  4. Marilyn, I hope your Covid is the mild variety, same for Owen, and I hope that Garry manages to escape entirely. Great post today.


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