Having gotten a lot more advice about the medications than I wanted or needed, I’m here to report that by golly, they work! Yesteday I had phlegmmy cough and a nose that was running even when I was standing still.

Today – and I’ve only taken two doses of Paxlovid – I’m barely coughing at all. I seem to be using up boxes of tissues at a prodigious rate, but I feel a whole lot better.

I am always skeptical about the efficacy of medications, but should you get COVID (and it seems like everyone gets it eventually), get Paxlovid or whatever equivalent is being offered. The only negative I’ve encountered is that I can’t take one of my BP meds while I’m on it and then, there is diarhhea. Eat rice. Don’t rinse off the starch. Eat bananas too. I know this isn’t a balanced diet, but when you’ve got COVID, forget balanced diet until it’s gone.

The medication is FREE. Also, in case you didn’t know, everyone on Medicare is entitled to 8 free COVID tests per month. I didn’t know this and had been paying for them — at $25 each! Owen told me. He listens to the radio. If you think you might have it, tell your phamacy and they will set them aside for you. It’s nice to know our taxes actually pay for something we can use!

I’m not saying I’m cured, but I am feeling a lot better. If I didn’t know I have COVID, I’d think I was reacting to the extremely high tree pollen levels.

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  1. I’m glad the medicine is helping you. Feel better soon my friend


  2. I’m happy the medication is working for you and that you’re feeling better.


  3. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Hooray for effective medications! Keep healing, you and the household.


  4. When I tried to get Paxlovid for my husband last November my husband was on too many medications that react badly to Paxlovid but it turns out that we didn’t catch it soon enough anyway. I will definitely go for it if I ever catch COVID again. My only other bit of advice that I would give your readers is DON’T WAIT. If you’ve already had COVID for a few days it won’t work.


    • I am also on a few medications that were a problem and they wanted me to come into the hospital for THREE infusions. It’s a 22 mile drive each way and Garry isn’t feeling well either. The hospital also wouldn’t tell me which medication was the problem, so I finally called my cardiologist. He sorted it out and put it into my records that I could NOT TAKE the offending medicaton for the time I was taking Paxlovid.

      I called BACK the COVID center at the hospital and got them totally confused until they said, “Okay, you can have the medication. Just drive here and we’ll give it to you.”
      “Why can’t you call my pharmacy so I have 3-mile drive rather than a 50 mile drive with parking fees?”
      “Oh,” she said. “You have a pharmacy?”

      I take a lot of meds for various chronic conditions, so someone fromm the COVID unit called and we sorted through all of them. There was just one — ProCardia (nefedepine) that was an absolute no-no. Everything else was either “You might want to cut it in half” or “take only if really necessary. Hospitals — good ones — are very bound up with rules and regulations. Despite the inconvenience, this is usually a good thing because these things generally protect us. They also sometimes get in our way and make progress impossible. I understood the procedures. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t tell me which drug was the problem. Privacy is dandy, but I take it anyway, so just TELL me. It got a little crazy, but between the cardiologist, my doctor, the COVID unit and me getting pissed at all of them and totally losing my sense of humor, it got sorted out.

      Starting to take it ASAP matters. It has to be within a couple of days of your first positive test. I’m not sure why it’s so complicated or why my own doctor couldn’t just call the pharmacy, but I’m sure someone has a reason. Maybe someday, someone will explain the reasons.


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