FOTD – March 21 – Orchid macros in purple and white

I am not feeling up to writing much but I took a few pictures. The orchids are gorgeous.

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  1. Wonderful orchid photos Marilyn 😀


    • Thank you. I’ve started (finally) using my new macro lens. It took me a while to get used to is, but the old one really isn’t focusing well, so it was time to change. Macros can be annoying anyway — they have quite a mind of their own!

      Right now, my dining room is fully of orchids with more coming up every day. AND there are buds all over my cactus. I can’t take bird pix. I’m too short to shoot over the orchids 🐦🐥🌞

      Isn’t that a hilarious reason for not taking bird pictures? I’m too SHORT to shoot past the flowers!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling up to writing, but I have to agree, those orchids are gorgeous!


    • I’m legitimately sick which is almost a relief. At least I know what I’ve got and these new medications really WORK. I only started them yesterday and I feel a lot better today. Except for the stomach mess. Not eating is working out very well for me. Eating is NOT.

      The orchids are amazing. They have taken over the entire window end of the dining room. They are glass French doors and take up almost the entire eastern wall of the room — about 10 feet. Great for the flowers, but I’m so SHORT, the orchids completely block off my view to the deck.

      Being very short — just 5 feet, having shrunk 4 inches from my younger days — can be annoying. Even petite length pants are far too long.

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