FOTD – March 22 – Crazy beautiful orchids

I’ve been growing orchids for a few years now, but I have to say I have never grown orchids like these. They are stunning. Huge. Breathtaking.

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  1. Wonderful orchids for today 😀 😀


  2. Lovely captures of orchids, especially the last one. 😊


    • Thank you! That was the one on which I had to do the most work. It’s white and getting the white to show as WHITE and not whatever color it is reflecting can be difficult. I was patient and it finally got where I wanted it to be — really white and not pink or greenish.


  3. they are each like a work of delicate art


  4. The beautiful aliens of the plant world…


    • Thank you. I took a lot of them the other day. I’m a little low energy, so I haven’t been taking pictures every day. I’m tired. I think mostly, I’m getting better but I feel like I should go back and sleep. At least I got a few things done today — like changing linens and washing my hair.

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  5. Marvelous orchid pictures, Marilyn.


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