All I wanted to do was open some windows. It was a lovely day and the sun was shining. Well, it was shining in the morning, anyway. Later, not so much. Still, since I don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, having fed the birds which seems to be my only time outdoors, I figured I’d open a few windows and “feel” the day, even if from inside.

When I was trying to open the front window, it got hung up on a window decoration and I had to figure out how to unhook it from the window frame without causing any damage. While I was figuring it out, I realized the window was dirty. It was full of the Duke’s nose prints, so I figured when I managed to get the window unhooked, I should clean the glass. Then, I turned around, realized the table and it’s antique pieces of pottery were filthy, so while I was at it, I grabbed up all that stuff and took it to the kitchen for cleaning.

The kitchen needed cleaning too before I put all those antiques in the sink, I cleaned up the sink and the rack and found a nice piece of pottery in which I could store my recycleable cleaning sponges. I thought it was a knockoff, but when I turned it over, I realized it was a 200+ year old Staffordshire antique. Still, it made a good item in which to store those sponges. I’ve got all this stuff and I might as well use it. It might get broken, but if I don’t use it, it might end up in a dumpster anyway. What’s the point of having it if you never use it?

By the time I was done, all the antiques were clean, the cobwebs were gone, the rugs were vacuumed, that big coil of heavy duty cable moved out of the middle of the dining room to under the dining room table. The windows were cleaned, the kitchen was re-organized — something I do every few months because I can’t help myself.

And then, I took pictures. Because I had moved everything around in the glass cabinet and they looked as good as they will ever look. If you know what you are looking at, you know a lot more about me than I’ve told you. Just as a hint, the two blue-green vases in the cabinet are both more than 1000 years old. And now that I’ve looked them up — or tried to anyway — I think they might be more valuable than I thought. Um, like maybe a lot more — if someone would actually be interested in buying them, that is.

This is just a little piece of the collection, essentially whatever I was able to fit in that glass-fronted cabinet. Some things are very old while others are merely old. Others items are unique and made by hand out of love. Other pieces are antique, but I’m not sure from when or where.

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  1. You are right. Since my 50th birthday, I’ve stopped using my china cabinets as an annual dressy treat to enjoy on special occassions and started using my favorite pretty cups and cheery colored plates, etc. Since then, I admit, 2 items cracked. I wash by hand but noticed a thin line in a plate and a chip in the cup. So, I planted a plant in the cup. The plate sits under the cup. It’s still perfect … even if only to me.


  2. These are all beautiful items.


  3. Lovely china and collectibles! I wish I had more room for knickknacks 🩷


  4. A beautiful collection! xx Michael


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