Two weeks later, we finally know we didn’t
transmit COVID to Tom or Ellin.

I’m not sure it’s possible to completely avoid it, especially as it’s turning into something different than it was at its beginning. It’s lethalness has diminished. As far as I can tell, the main difference between today’s COVID and a bad cold or a mild flu, is how COVID lingers. Kind of like the flu did before flu shots mostly stopped it. Garry and I used to get the flu every year after which, we got pneumonia. Which was worse than flu and talk about lingering. Pneumonia can keep you coughing and breathless for weeks or even months.

The year I had my heart surgery, we had to delay it again because I had pneumonia. When they finally said they had to do the surgery because I might die, my lungs were still full of gunk. They had to pump the gunk out and I have not been able to breathe properly since. Although there’s some question about whether or not I was breathing properly before. That was one nasty pneumonia.

I have heard most head colds are some variation on the COVID virus. There are so many of them, especially up north where the “annual winter cold” is almost unavoidable. These are things that everyone deals with and they only become serious as you age or have other conditions — asthma, heart disease, and diabetes all come to mind — that make them more dangerous.

COVID now isn’t the same COVID that whacked the world in 2020 any more than the flu isn’t the same flu that killed millions in the early part of the 1900s. Everything changes incuding viruses and bacteria.

Human beings as a species don’t seem to change as much as we should. About every 50 years we revert to our worst selves. We only need one full generation to forget everything we learned the last time we went around the wheel.

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  1. Of course we still have to take Covid seriously because of the vulnerable people in the community, I guess that is equally true for flu, or any easily transmittable disease. However, it does seem like now, for most of us Covid is an inconvenience. We feel bad and having to isolate means there are things you can’t do. I still see people wearing masks out and about although not many now that it’s not mandatory in many places. At least it no longer seems to be the mass killer it once was when the news was full of the latest outbreaks, deaths and places to avoid.
    Cruise ships are still getting a bad rap. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who say they are “too germy”. I tend to think that a cruise ship with 3-4,000 people aboard is about the same as any town on land. Some people are going to get sick no matter what you do and you just have to be careful, keep up the hand hygiene, social distancing etc and hope others do the same.

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    • Over all, this was a mild case. Garry is MUCH better today and aside from that it’s (sigh) spring and the trees are pollinating, I can almost breathe. I was really dreading spring. This is the worst time of year for me — and it will stay bad for the next few months. Sometimes, when the pollen gets REALLY bad, it looks like it’s snowing outside — green fluffy snow.

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      • COVID is like “The Man Who Came Dinner”. It stays way beyond strained acceptance. Our condition is like Wall Street stats. Up one day, down the next. Right now: Meh!

        Today is an unofficial holiday. Baseball’s opening day. It’s a New England “spring” day – sunny and low 40’s so baseball diehards should be dressed warmly if attending the game at ‘friendly Fenway’. But – dollars to doughnuts — many will be decked out in shorts, flimsy tee shirts and less. Tomorrow — a spike in pharmacy sales!


      • That is a lot of pollen.


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