The Garden Dawdler

I’d be dawdling in my garden were my garden growing, but other than crocuses — which are gone now — it’s in “working on it” mode. Lots of day lilies pushing up tall green shoots, but they won’t bloom until late May or early June unless our seasons are even more out of sequence than they seem.

Owen brought me a new Amaryllis yesterday. It is white. I told him that they come in many other colors, but he and everyone else agreed: we have never seen one for sale that was not white. It seems to be the only color available. I like the white ones, but I wouldn’t mind other colors. I wonder why they are all white around here? They were always white when we lived in Boston, too. Maybe it’s a New England thing?

What do you find yourself splurging on the most?

Books and flowers. And occasionally, earrings.

What is your top writing tip?

Write the idea down. You think you’ll remember it, but I bet you won’t. Other stuff happens and yesterday’s great ideas just slip into the mist.

Are you a regular recycler, and if so, what are five of your top recycling tips?

Hope the company that recycles takes as much as you have. Ours doesn’t. AND Massachusetts, for all it’s good intentions, doesn’t have recycling plants, so all our recycling gets shipped somewhere else. Currently, that seems to be Ohio, but when they are full — which is likely to be soon — no idea what we will do with it. How can you demand recycling and then not build plants to handle it? That’s so stupid!

Are you someone that wants to be or needs to be heard and seen, or are you content to be found behind the scenes?

It depends on what’s going on. These days, invisible works fine.

How approachable do you think you are in real life and away from the keyboard, and do others feel the same way about you?

I thnk I’m very approachable, but I may be wrong. I am not the gal I used to be and I’m a lot less patient that I was when I was younger.

Do you sit more on the fence or the edge of the knife?

Soon we’ll all be sliding down that razor blade of life …

What do you remember the most about your grandparents?

Nothing except the stories my parent told me. I never met my father’s parents and I was just 3 when my mother’s parents passed.

How important to you is validation from your readers to your written content – do you need acknowledgement from others to create?

I like it when it comes, deal with not getting much these days. At least I know when something I wrote is good or even better than that. This doesn’t mean that anyone else will appreciate it, but when I know it’s good, I can appreciate me.

What is it you would have liked to have been asked about your life but have yet to be?

I don’t know. Mostly, if no one has asked me and I haven’t volunteered it, one of two things is true: I don’t want to tell you OR I’ve forgotten all about it.

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  1. Hey Marilyn, l hear you on recycling – we have the same thing here in the UK to the point l often wonder WHY they want households to sort a from b and b from d, only to then export everything anyway away from the UK? U think the figure varies between 50-60% Which is outrageous.

    We are backward with regards to recycling. I think we only actually recycle 45% of all of our waste. Germany l think is one of the highest recyclers at nearly 67%.

    Here what is not recovered or recycled is incinerated or dumped in landfil.

    I failt to comprehend how we are supposed to tackle climate issues when we are appalling at achieving targets with our waste.

    Excellent writing tip, l agree – write it down, life gets in the way of inspiration all the time.


  2. It’s good to appreciate oneself.


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