Last on the Card – March 2023

Not what you might expect because I am in the process of trying to sell off jewelry I own but almost never wear. I love it and have carefully collected it over many years, but my granddaughter has no interest in it. Saving it for her would be pointless. Right now, getting my teeth repaired and making sure Garry has the right hearing apparatus is more important than whatever sentiment I feel to my jewelry.

For the past few days, I’ve been taking photographs of jewelry. This has turned out to be a lot more complicated than it sounds. I have had to shoot under lights because it has been raining off and on and in any case, I’m pretty sure sunshine would make the process even more difficult assuming we got enough for me to actually take the pictures. All of the jewelry pictures are unprocessed. That is one of the few good things about shooting under lights: you get what you lit. Other than reducing the size of the photographs, they are the way they came off the chip. I didn’t even bother to sign them since these were intended as displays, not art.

There are pictures of Garry during his last podcast. This was the last one taken on my Pen F with the 12-200 mm lens open wide.

And finally, the last photo of the daisy on my kitchen counter.

Even if I had decided to process the daisy, it’s still going to be a soft photo. I’m working with a new lens that sometimes focuses very close — and sometimes decides not to focus — and I have no idea why. It’s amazing when it works and weird when it doesn’t.

And that’s it for this month. Not the usual birds and flowers.

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  1. I enjoy these pictures, Marilyn. The jewelry is beautiful and my style. I don’t wear much jewelry anymore! I love the one of Garry (I didn’t know he had a podcast!). I spy with my little eye a nice photo of you two, I’m assuming, on the wall! Daisies make me smile. I was thinking of you yesterday morning. I have SO many birds at my new place, Marilyn. They sing so loudly each morning! I’ve been done with my back and my oncologist is ordering an MRI (a possible injection since NO ONE will operate). We had severe spring storms last night. I’m looking forward to viewing more of your pictures in the future!


  2. My camera also has the “I’ll focus on what I want” and not the subject the way I want. Garry certainly has a great set up. Lovely jewellery, I like turquoise coloured stones.
    Thanks for joining in Marilyn 🙂 🙂


    • Macro lenses are particularly unpredictable, though the autofocus sometimes makes all my lenses decide they ONLY want to focus on the distand point and not on what is right in front of the lens. Short of turning off autofocus, which because my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, I’m pretty much stuck with it. But I think it’s a software/electronic autofocus issue, though for macro lenses it’s because the same lens is designed to focus two separate ways and they get confused. If my eyes were better, I’d focus myself but these days, I really need autofocus. Age just IS.

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      • I want object in front, focuses on background. Want background, usually a bird, focuses on whatever is between me and the subject, Very frustrating


  3. what a gorgeous piece of art. but what astonishes me everytime, is, do you have tatooes? That’s not the first time I see dark shades that look like tatoo work on your body. I wouldn’t somehow thought that you’d do tatooes. 😉


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