Share Your World 4th of April

Here are my questions this week:

Do you have a favourite movie?

I have a lot of favorite movies. I’m not sure, given the number of movies in this world and in our life, that picking one is possible. My favorite seems to depend on my mood, Garry’s mood, the time of year … and who knows what else?

Who is you favourite actor and actress?

Currently? I don’t even know who most of them are. I don’t know their names and mostly, I have to admit that I don’t care. Mind you this doesn’t mean that they aren’t talented actors and actresses. I’m sure there are as many talented performers now as there ever was in the past, but I don’t have the kind of attachment to them that I had to the ones who were on the big screen when I was growing up.

Do you attend or have you ever attended a live theatre production?

When I was young and we lived in New York, my first husband and I used to go to the theater frequently. I’d read the reviews in the Times and I’d call the theater and buy tickets. What changed?

As a start, prices. Tickets were not cheap, but they were affordable even if you weren’t rich. And there were bargains — “SRO” or “standing room only” — seats for matinees and for evening performances too. Everyone went to the theater and it was not a big deal.

The other thing that changed was New York. Once upon a time, there was parking. You could drive in and out of the city in a normal amount of time. Now, parking — IF you can find any — is very, very expensive and if you think you’ve found a “legal space,” but you didn’t read the subtext on the sign? They will tow your car faster than you can scream, “Hey wait a minute!”

Boston is just as bad and it was not always like this. When I got to Boston in 1988, you could drive into Boston, park for a fee that wasn’t the size of your salary for the month, and drive home.

No longer true. We used to go to shows and concerts in Boston, but we gave up. Between the endlessly awful traffic, the insane price of tickets, and the even more insane cost of parking? Not worth it.

Have you ever wanted to be an actor/actress?

No. But Garry did. In fact, he majored in Drama. He settled for being a TV reporter which, he assures me, isn’t all that different.


Garry got his driver’s license. It will be five years before we have to do it again. May the time go slowly.

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  1. Hello from New Brunswick, Canada. I lived (and taught music) in Tabusintac for 14 yrs.
    Spring is trying its best to shine and get warm. We still get snow forecasts. But hey, our robins have returned. Congrats on Garry getting his driver’s license. Independence is huge.
    I’m not a movie buff per say. I don’t do the cry shows or horror. Movies like Grease and Limitless come to mind. Actors Bradley Cooper to Judith Dench tend to do interesting characters. My cousin Curt just completed The Sound of Music at the Capitol Theatre here in Moncton. He played commander Georg Von Trapp. I do prefer going to a Theatre production than cinema. The movies we watch are here at home. It is just too expensive to go to a movie and enjoy the treats. Way to pricey. I’d rather pay the bucks to Theatre. WordPress has been hard to get into for a few months. I’m playing catch-up on reading your blog posts. Happy Spring to you and Garry.


    • Nice to hear from you. The price of everything here has gone very high and for those of us on fixed incomes, it’s a hard road to travel. We are managing, but it never seems to get easier, just endlessly harder.

      I used to love the theater. There was something special about live productions. But now, between the cost of tickets and the problems of getting around the city? We gave up. Not willingly, but rationality screamed “we can’t afford this” AND the endless long drives through heavy traffic were too much for most people. Definitely too much for us!

      Good to hear from you! WordPress may yet drive me crazy enough to give up. I don’t know what they think they are doing, but mostly, they are making people who are trying to use their format crazy. It’s hard enough to write and publish but they make it endlessly more difficult.


  2. Congrats on getting the license.


  3. Thanks for joining in Marilyn. I have to admit I see these ‘famous celebrities’ and don’t know most of them. It makes me feel old and realise just how out of touch I’ve become mainly because my interests have changed or costs have been unreasonably high.


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