CMMC April Closeup or Macro

More of the amaryllis and a bit of orchid, just for color interest.

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  1. What a gorgeous lily and so pristine 😀


  2. The white flower looks more like a lily than an amaryllis.


  3. I love the vignette on the second image, making the white petals really pop!


    • When I’m shooting macros, I have such a short depth of field, I have to decide if I want the center or the leaves in focus. I can’t have both. For that, I need to step back. Macro lenses are finicky and they adjust according to whatever optics are built in. Optics aren’t a software thing. They are the bottom line for lenses and you just have to work with them. I’m not sure how they make macros that can shoot wide or extremely close. But then again, I only understand enough optics to take pictures. Otherwise? Too many numbers!

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  4. So wonderfully close, I could almost touch them…


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