In between shouting at the cowbirds to leave (they don’t, but at least they fly away until they gather together for a rerun), we’ve had a huge uptick of Bluebirds and European Sparrows. It’s hard to get flattering pictures of the sparrows. I’m not sure why, but they don’t pose well.

Blubirds pose. They find a great place to stand and they show me their good side, their bright colors and wings. Today we had a pair — a lady and her mate.

The less blue bluebird is the lady of the couple. Her feathers are palers blue or, in this case, nearly steel gray and her breast is less bright and deep orange.

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  1. Nice shots of a backyard bird


    • They rarely leave the woods, but we are so close — really IN the woods — that they don’t have far to go. It took years before we finally began to see bluebirds. I was beginning to think they were a myth. They are usually shy, but everything here becomes tame. They get used to us and will wait for us to come and fill the feeders.

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