FOTD – April 9 – Welcome spring! Daffodils are up!

And then, overnight, the daffodils bloomed. I knew I had to go take pictures, especially since I have a feeling it’s going to rain tomorrow. Then I had to figure out which camera and which lens, finally settling on the Pen F and the 12-200mm zoom lens. It’s the most versatile lens I have and it’s slow enough to not burn out everything on a sunny day.

I have more pictures not only of the daffodils, but all of the other flowers that are on their way to blooming. Spring is definitely in a hurry!

Owen came out with the big cutters and the electric hedge clippers and removed all the pieces of overgrown holly that had encroached on the path between the driveway and the gate. He cut the bittersweet down to the ground. It will come back but at least we get a head start on keeping it from overwhelming us. We also trimmed back the roses. They don’t have buds yet, so it’s a good time to get them into shape.

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  1. Well done those daffs. They kept you waiting. And do you think spring has really come? Here, we’ve had fine displays of daffodils and magnolias and cherry trees; the blackthorn bushes (wild damson) are a haze of white blossom, but it is oh, so cold. The wind is perishing and our house on top of the Severn Gorge not a little exposed. The sun is being niggardly too. Roll on some warmer days.


    • It was cold yesterday — at least in the morning — but warmed up in the afternoon. And then the temps dropped way down at night. Our version of spring — even in normal times — produces some very strange weather. Spring IS on the way, but it’s definitely a very bumpy ride. All the maple trees are budding and the tree pollen levels are off the charts. Anyone with allergies is suffering and will be because as soon as the maples and birch are finished, the oaks will pollinate. We have an awful lot of oak trees and they are really huge trees.

      Ah, the sound of the Duke crashing through the back screen door. Next he’s going to be standing there barking at me to let him back in. He can crash out, but not in. I think I’ll let him stay there a while and ponder how he isn’t supposed to crash through ANY door!


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