FOTD – April 10 – Budding Trees

I was determined to reassemble a camera that’s small enough to keep in my handbag. The little Pentax Q S1 was the only reasonable candidate since the mini-Leica has passed on. Those tiny Leicas were good little cameras while they lasted, but they weren’t sturdy and the price reflected the limited quality. They had the Leica name, but not its quality.

By the river in April

Real Leicas, 35mm rangefinders and later, the Leica DSLRs, were very sturdy and had — have — superb optics. That’s probably why they cost so much. Back in the film era I had a 35mm rangefinder Leica M3 with an extra three lenses. I sold it when I moved into digital photography. Although I regretted not having that camera, I never enjoyed developing film and I can’t imagine doing it now. All those chemicals and breathing them in while I soup the film? Still, I don’t think I’ll ever own a better camera or better lenses.

I haven’t done much with the little Pentax yet, but I took a few pictures through my front window yesterday as I watch the red buds of the maple tree filling out.

I took a few more pictures of the budding maple today using the Olympus Pen F with the 12-200mm lens. The motto of this tale is you get much better pictures when you don’t shoot through glass! Also, a brilliant blue sky is a fine background.

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  1. Your trees are farther along than mine are 😀 Beautiful spring photos 😀


    • Our weather has been very strange, but mostly, winter wasn’t much of a winter this year. The ground never froze. I never even wore my heavy coat because it just wasn’t cold enough to need it. I suspect this is the trend — these warmer winters. I don’t mind the lack of snow, but without a serious freeze, the insects don’t die so it’s going to be a very buggy summer.

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