The Garden Dawdler

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I try to do both, but mostly, I write what I feel like writing. I follow a few prompts because they can be fun, but when I write, I’m a writer.

People like it or they don’t, but if I get stuck in the snare of “giving readers what they want,” blogging will stop being fun and I’ll quit.

Do you recover well from setbacks to your plans?

Grim determination is my post-setback modus operandi. I do what I have to do, but I don’t have to like it. I do it anyway.

How did you meet your other half?

At the college radio station. Where I also met my first husband and most of my friends.

What was your very first paid job/employment?

Washing poodles in a pet store.

What Do You Prefer: Fruits or Vegetables?

Fruit, if it’s good. It can be hard to get good fruit here in the winter especially since California has been in permanent drought for years. I like vegetables and am grateful they come frozen.

How open to new experiences and adventures are you?

At this point in my life? Not very. That would not have been true when I was younger, but I’m 76. I’m not looking for new experiences OR adventure.

Are you afraid or confident to speak your mind?

I am if I believe I know what I’m talking about. If I’m not sure I know the subject well, I shutup and try to learn.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Both. I’ve been sick a lot over the past 20 years. I’m healthier now than I’ve been in a long time, but being heathier hasn’t made me any younger. So the answer is if I’m feeling energetic, writing is energizing. If I’m tired, it makes me more tired.

What do you think the best pizza topping is?

Cheese, mushrooms, and spinach. Cheese alone is fine too.

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8 replies

  1. Was it just poodles Marilyn, or other dog breeds as well? I have heard poodles are really hard work to wash, is that true?


  2. I don’t write if I’m feeling tired or sleepy. It energizes me and then I find it hard to go to sleep


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