CFFC: Anything Small

I have a houseful of small things. Small Buddhas, fetishes, bone carvings, miniature pottery, miniature iron dogs and tiny dolls. There are small things and even smaller things. It’s more than I can show so I picked out some favorite pieces and took pictures.

The dolls is 8-inches. You can gauge the size of the other items. The smallest is the carved badger. On the far left is a wolf cub and a PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen) on the right. I got nostalgic looking at the little Scotty and the PBGV. My favorite dogs and I will always miss them.
Three Native American Corn Maidens, two carved from deer antler and the third from onyx, all with inlaid other stones.
A pottery Medicine Bear

And finally, shelves holding more smalls, but it’s these are just two of many shelves all of which hold small or very small items.

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  1. I am attracted to your Medicine bear. Wonderful smalls for this week. Thank Marilyn for playing along 😀


  2. I wish I could visit you at home Marilyn. You have such interesting things at your house.


    • Thank you!! That is my goal. I try to make it interesting and, because I’m so eclectic, it was going to get interesting or be crazy. I think of my house as my personal “stage.”

      We didn’t collect this stuff quickly and it’s not entirely mine. Much of it Garry and I bought together — and some of it was gifts from visitors. Wherever we have traveled, we brought home something, one of the most fun parts of travel.

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  3. Wonderful collections and no doubt filled with memories for you! I love the Corn Maidens and the Medicine Bear 🙂


  4. Small is definitely special, Marilyn…


  5. I like the Medicine Bear 🙂


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