FOTD – April 16 – As the leaves bloom on the trees …

It’s early and it’s a bit odd. A lot of trees are not blooming now. They ought to be. But we had this really warm winter and a lot of trees and flowers started to bloom. Then we had ONE extremely brutally cold day and everything that was trying to bloom died. Also, a lot of trees and other plants were badly damaged in last year’s drought. I know that the drought in California has been worse and longer and now, with rain, they are seeing “super blooms” of flowers.

You can see the fuzzy leaves on the trees — or at least some of the trees

That isn’t happening here. No super blooms in New England.

The apple, peach, and magnolia trees are not blooming unless someone secretly watered them during the drought. Some people cheated. People think the water from their well from belongs to them. They fail to understand that we all get water from the same water table. Their water is our water. And vice versa.

Anyway, the weather people provided a long explanation what’s happening. How many trees and flowers aren’t blooming or producing leaves. It doesn’t mean they are dead. Only confused. The long drought in an area whch is usually wet did a lot of damage. It will take more than one wet winter to recover.

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  1. Mother Nature cannot be any more confused than we are, Marilyn. I have faith that she will find her way eventually, so maybe we will too?


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