There are so many of them. Yesterday, Owen was assembling a new grill, the old one having refused to get hot enough to actually cook anything. This one, which was more expensive than it ought to be and I’m sure was made somewhere in China, kept Owen outside for a few hours.

Owen’s presence outside kept the cowbirds away. Nonetheless, in a very Hitchcockian way, they gathered in the trees. Waiting. Chirping. Lurking.

It’s a bit eery. Cowbirds gather. They wait. As soon as no human or dog is on the deck, they appear in groups and eat everything before I chase them away.

They get chased, but they come back. I’ve forced them away before, but I don’t think I’m getting rid of them this time.

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  1. sound like a group of vulture capitalists were waiting for the mess before they took over the scene, and took over the place, however there was a hawk bird watching the proceedings, so when their plane came in with all sorts of promises and bribes, we can make you president you know, they convinced some leaders to buy their plans while fleecing those who thought their leaders were there to support them, the people, not rob them. cheers Marilyn, sounds like a round of applause for the growing Chinese economy, there was a time when the footwear that was made for a pittance in some places, was sold for western sized prices, and some one in china realized it, amen. Brand warfare, amen, hope you have found some intelligent life sources, and the health is great, amen.


    • I think you really nailed the cowbirds. I often think they are just waiting to take over the avian world and then with just a little push, take over the entire world including this house — probably the first thing on their agenda. They are not friendly or charming. Given all the other lovely flyers we have, these are probably my LEAST favorite birds.

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      • like flowers in the garden, it takes all types, imagine a set of birds watching the great debates of the future wondering which candidate will be good for their environment, and sending back a report to the Creator, well, this is how that one thinks.. then again, the state of the natural environment is so off the normal path, it probably does not need reporting, but action, then off stage Al Gore appears, along with prince Charles, or King Charles soon, who will take on the challenge instead.. maybe that’s intelligent life? and they both say together, like cyclists on a tandem, I said it first..then the whole world begins to smile at last.. cheers


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