I took the camera down to the garden this afternoon. I saw yesterday that our back lawn is covered with those nameless little purple flowers as well as maybe a few thousand violets. Out front, it’s not purple but yellow — the end of the daffodils plus the dandelions and tulips. So this is the “yellow” part of the garden. Tomorrow, it will be time for the violets.

I’m not certain, but I think we have more tulips coming up. The azalea isn’t even in leaf yet, though the lilacs are showing signs of life. The rhododendrons are alive, but no buds yet. I’m hoping they will flower in May and June.

I had to do another garden cleanup. There is a lot of dead material from last year. I couldn’t take pictures without at least trying to clear it away. There is so much more to do, but I’m getting to it. Slowly.

In this last picture, it looks like the dandelion is trying to become part of the daylily — and you can see some of those little purple flowers behind it. I know dandelions are weeds, but I really like them especially this time of year when they are soft and bright and fresh.

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  1. awesome flower photos Marilyn!
    Glad you enjoy gardening!


  2. Love the dandelion among the tulips 😀 😀


    • They look like they are growing right out of the other plant. I really like dandelions. We had almost none last year, so I was glad they were back. The bees were having a good day with both the violets and the dandelions. I was glad to see them back too!

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  3. Yes, I find it difficult to dislike the humble dandelion. They are so bright and cheery!
    This is the first year that I am struggling to do what’s necessary for the garden, slowly isn’t really working for me, and the weather isn’t helping!


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