Yes, it’s that time of week again. Another podcast — and we’re getting ready to hit a whole dozen! Imagine THAT!

The topics of the day are how often nearly-famous people aren’t as nice as you expect and very famous people who are so much nicer than you expect. You might think it would be the other way, but it isn’t. In the world of fame and movies and television, more famous people are usually nicer.

I didn’t take pictures this week probably because all the pictures look the same, so until there’s something new to shoot, allow me to show these neat pictures of the blogger who posts these podcasts. Me! AND Garry took the pictures.

The Duke is wearing a big yellow bow with which I decorated him after he went outside and dutifully barked at the cowbirds. Garry took the picture.

Enjoy the show! It’s funny and it is very interesting.

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  1. I’ve found this to be true with people who are truly wealthy from way back, low key, under the radar, vs. those who love to show off and are newly wealthy


  2. I watched it a few hours ago. I enjoyed it. I always feel like I want to watch them again in case I missed anything the first time.


    • I always watch them a couple of times, but the first time is to make sure it runs properly and to get a grip on what they are talking about so I can write about it. Then I run it for Garry because he was there, but he hasn’t seen the finished product. Then, sometimes I run it one more time just for the laughs 🙂

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