Garry brought this home for me and it took the place of the one that had been there since his birthday. Oddly, they look almost the same. As do the photographs. This is the first time I took all the pictures in manual because I just couldn’t get the colors in any automatic format. Remarkably, it came out fine and sharp. I think autofocus works even in manual or maybe when it looked sharp and I took the picture, it really WAS sharp.

This little camera is proving to be a treasure for indoor photography. It shoots very well and very crisply in not-very-bright light.

When I pulled this card out of the camera, these pictures looked completely black with tiny hints of color. I lightened them, did a bit of cropping and voila. Motto? A dark picture can be successfully lightened but an over-bright picture is junk. Go darker. You can brighten them later while you process.

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  1. I love the dark background and would love to know how you do this…
    I suppose I would need a better camera?


    • Honestly? I was shooting in a not-very-bright room AND it didn’t shoot in iAuto. I actually used manual. The pictures looked completely black until I lightened them. But you do need a camera you CAN shoot in manual and a processing product that lets you lighten and brighten — and sometimes sharpen — the pictures. Mind you, I have nothing against casual snapshots but if you want “art,” you need a camera and sometimes, more than one lens.

      I know there are people who believe you can do everything with a cellphone, but I’ve never found that to be true. You can take pictures with them, but cameras can produce art — AND they are easier to use. They are designed for photography and have settings to enhance photographs. You can get a great camera for relatively short money. Just buy a used one. Most of my cameras were second hand. I have only a couple that were new. Some were nearly new. I don’t think I owned a new camera until I was in my 50s. Before then, they were ALL used.

      Nearly all my lenses are second hand. People buy lenses, don’t use them, and resell them. I’ve done that many times. I buy a lens, realize I’m never going to use it, so I trade it to someone, sell it or exchange it. Or, I give it to my granddaughter. She has great equipment and probably thinks it’s free!

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