Photos by Garry Armstrong

The Duke is Marilyn’s secret weapon. When the cowbirds are being particularly obnoxious, she tells him to go outside and bark at the birds. He used to look confused but these days, he goes outside. Sniffs all around deck, then walks along the railing and barks until all the cowbirds are gone. Of course by then, ALL the birds are gone, but our little regular birds come back quickly. The cowbirds take longer to return. How they know they aren’t welcome? I don’t know — but they know.

Marilyn put the yellow bow on the Duke because he was her hero having chased away the cowbirds — again.

Duke and his yellow ribbon helping Marilyn write her blog

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  1. Duke. There’s got to be a story about how he got that name.


    • Garry is a big John Wayne fan. We weren’t ready for a new dog, but Garry named him and that was that. He was ours. Who knew our other two dogs would die within two months? He turned out to be a lifesaver for us. We were going to get another dog but the Duke is a bit of a bully with other dogs, so we decided he would be our only dog. I think he may also be our last dog.

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  2. Duke looks especially handsome in his fine yellow bow.

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  3. Good dog, Duke! 😀 well done

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    • Duke really is a very good boy. He also has come to believe that ALL food should be his. But I don’t want him to get any heavier. He’s a little beefy, but not fat, but he needs to understand that we eat food and when I call “dinner!” — I’m not calling HIM 😀

      You’d think after all these years, he’d know that, but dogs live in a state of eternal optimism.

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    • Carol anne, Duke rides tall in the saddle.


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